Rabu, 25 Februari 2015

Bistro Vue, Melbourne CBD

Bistro Vue, baby brother of mega house Vue De Monde is beautifully decorated with red velvet seats and random art works. I was eager to try an array of their menu so I opted for the 6 course degustation for $110. I'd recommend this if you are looking to try their range of delicious food.

With a minor food allergy, they replaced the first course for escargot. The garlic snails had a parsley crust and were quite nice. I've never been a massive fan of the Escargot but I seem to be ok with two to start off with.

This was followed by the cured ocean trout with brioche toast in a light tangy sauce. It tasted very fresh. The risotto below was beautiful. It was perfectly cooked with strong flavours of mushroom. This was one of the higlights for me. It was very homely.

Following the risotto was a neutral tasting gelato to cleanse the palette.

You sometimes feel quite hungry with these tiny portions of food. By the 4th course, I was still rather hungry.  The very rare wagyu beef was served with large pieces of onion and cabbage. The meat was served very rare which is not to my preference but you could tell it was a very high grade piece of meat. I was starting to become full but there were two more courses of dessert left.

For dessert, I had the cheesecake with green tea ice cream on a bed of crumble. I love cheesecake so I demolished this very quickly. The final course was a choice from their dessert cart. Cakes, macaroons, eclairs and anything else you can imagine was available to choose from.

Overall, it was a nice experience with a tasty courses. I'm not sure if this would be a regular venue of dining for me but definitely a first visit. Melbourne is full of fabulous restaurants that would give Bistro Vue a run for it's money in taste, value and experience.

Prices: $110 for the 6 course menu

Location: 430 Little Collins st, Melbourne CBD

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