Senin, 16 Februari 2015

Nihonbashi Zen, Melbourne CBD

On a hunch, I went to Nihonhashi Zen without checking Urbanspoon. I wish I did check because it's like rate of 44% was very accurate. The decore resembled a cheap Japanese Restaurant but the prices on the menu would rival of michelin hat restaurants. I ordered some Sashimi which had 12 pieces of Salmon, King Fish and Tuna for $40. 

The Sashimi was fresh but I was turned off by the cheap decore and when I saw food on the other tables, I was not willing to order any more for the michelin prices. I'd avoid this place if I was you :P

Prices: If you had a proper meal it would probably be $120-$150  per person

Location: 87 Little Bourke St, Melbourne CBD

Nihonbashi Zen on Urbanspoon
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