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Vic's Meat Market, Pyrmont

Vic's Meat Market is the place to go if you enjoy BBQ and smokey flavoured meat as an alternative to all the great seafood at the Fish Markets. The eatery is attached to a very up market butchers; ideal for your high grade meats. The eatery however is very reasonably priced. As you walk in and order, you can see the food being prepared as you progress to the cashier. The decore would remind of you of a steak house but by the water (view are above).

The chicken wings are smokey and well marinated (below). They are perfectly cooked and is an option as a side as no chips are available. I think chips and burgers make the perfect partnership but the focus is all on the meat at Vic's meat market. I'd recommend the chicken wings.

All the burgers are absolutely amazing and an absolute recommend was the Pulled Pork Sandwich ($10, above). The meat was juicy and full of  BBQ smokey flavours.  

The bun is soft soaks in all those BBQ smokey flavours. The burger has the potential to get messy with lots of bits falling out but you won't be able to resist picking up those fallen juicy bits of meat so you can savour every last mouthful of deliciousness.

I also tried the wagyu beef burger (below, $10) with cheese and tomato sauce and gherkin. I like the burger but prefer the pulled pork burger.

My eating partner absolutely adored this burger and preferred this burger. I would suggest trying all the burgers if possible.

(left - You'll need a few napkins)

Thanks to my food blogging friend Annie who first blogged about this great place. It made me so very hungry when I saw her pics. My absolute favourite burger was the beef brisket burger (below, $10) which was just heavenly perfection. The flavours were again BBQ smokey but the coleslaw was a bit more chunky and to my liking. This is a must order dish.

I have to come back to try the ribs. They will set you back more than the average $10 burger. It will cost you $25 for half a rack of ribs. I bet they will be absolutely worth it! Get there early to avoid disappointment. The ribs were sold out when I got there at noon.

Prices: $10ish for burgers, more for ribs

Location: In the fish markets, Bank St, Pyrmont

Open: 8-5pm

Contact: +61 2 8570 8570 

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