Senin, 25 Mei 2015

New Star Kebabs, Auburn

I normally get pizzas or kebabs at the New Star Kebabs in Auburn. This is my kind of fast food... delicious, fresh and fast.

On this occasion, I opted for the Gozleme instead. Gozleme is a popular Turkish savoury flat bread. From time to time, I really crave Gozleme stufffed with spinach and feta.  It's best served with some lemon to cut through some of the slightly oily textures of the bread.  If you dine in, New Star Kebabs will cut up the gozleme with a wedge of lemon and a small mound of tomato and cucumber.

Think thin layers of delicious fluffy pastry type bread with warm filling of spinach and melted feta. Delicious!!! It was about $7,50 for this serving. A fast food joint that promises to deliver tasty food. Check it out.

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