Senin, 27 Juli 2015

Andy's Sushi, North Sydney

Andy's Sushi is cheap and fast Asian food in North Sydney. Beyond sushi (Japanese), Andy's sushi also serves Pho (Vietnamese) and also bimbimbap (Korean). I was perplexed in a good way by the simple menu but from many different Asian countries. 

On this occasion, I tried the beef bimbimbap ($10) with brown rice. It was very homely and wholesome for a cheap/fast food joint. The egg was slightly overcooked but I didn't mind. I just enjoyed the simple flavours of chili, rice, beef and vegetables. 

I've tried the full menu now. Check out my previous post at Andy's Sushi where I tried the Sushi and Pho. 

Prices: $10 for Bimbimbap, $8 for Pho and Sushi varies but you can get 3 rolls for $7. It used to be $6!!

Location: 153 Miller St, North Sydney

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