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Sake Restaurant and Bar, Sydney

Sake is my favourite restaurant in Sydney.. Amazing.

Sake is my favourite restaurant in Sydney. I believe the Sydney Sake (in the rocks) is the best having gone to both Brisbane and Melbourne versions as well. What sets Sydney apart is the customer service, decore and consistency of high quality dishes. I have very fond memories of Sydney Sake and they are well deserving of the 82% like rate on Urbanspoon for fine dining.

The must order dish is the King Fish Jalapeno ($23, above). Fresh King Fish Sashimi perfectly balanced with a light soy, jalapeno and coriander just dances on your tongue. For a bit of crunch and indulgence, I ordered the karaage chicken ($17, below) which came in three sauces of salsa, wasabi and chipotle. I also ordered the panko balls ($12 below) which are little bites of mushroom and rice. I'd suggest trying some of the other dishes but I particularly felt some fried food on this night.

The Gindara Saikyo or Miso Cod was nice if not a bit minature for a main. It was delicious. My eating companion starts comparing this to Sokyo's Miso Cod ($35) and I agree, while the sake miso cod is tasty (but small), I would prefer to be eating Sokyo's $39 Miso Cod. I have ordered the Scallops many times before and would recommend this dish over the miso cod at Sake.

For dessert, I try the Yuzu Souffle ($15) which is a steamed souffle with coconut sorbet and citrus tuile. It was delicious but I preferred the miso caramel chocolate fondant ($15) with the caramelised white chocolate ice cream. Overall, another great experience at sake and more great memories are made.

Prices: $100 per head
Location: 12 Argyle St, the rocks, Sydney CBD
Opening Hours:  5:30pm to 11:30pm (Closes 10:30pm on weekdays)

Summary: Lisa's Rating: 

Food: 8/10 for Fine Dining
Customer Service: 10/10
Atmosphere: 9/10
Value: 7/10

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