Minggu, 09 Agustus 2015

Aqua S, Town Hall, Sydney CBD

Aqua S makes for some beautiful photos in Town Hall, CBD. Does it live up to the hype?

Aqua S is a small child's dream as they experience ice creams in fairy floss and all sorts of other delights. As you walk into the bright aqua coloured room, you see a whole host of photos of people and their ice creams on the wall. This definitely adds to the experience.

I found myself partially lost in the experienced and suddenly had heightened expectations for the ice cream. The flavours rotate every two weeks so you may not find this Tofu Ice cream (above right) flavour available anymore but their staple of Sea Salt (the left, blue ice cream) is a regular.  I opted to avoid all the fair floss and all the extras.

The Tofu ice cream resembled more of a soy bean flavoured ice cream and I enjoyed it. The sea salt was just a salty ice cream which was a very weird sensation. I would not order this again. It was odd in a non-tasty way.

Overall, I think this place would be good for kids or perhaps on a date where your partner is a bit fan of fairy floss and ice cream. The flavours are quite unique so this is ideal for the experimental dessert lovers. 

Update: I came back and tried the pandan and lychee flavours (above). I didn't realise you can do two flavours at once. The lychee was quite nice. My partner had a bite before I got to take the pic!

For more traditional experiences, stick to Gelato Messina. I'd agree with Zomato's average score of 3/5. Bring cash only!!!

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