Jumat, 14 Agustus 2015

Happy Chef Seafood Restaurant, Haymarket

Happy Chef is easily one of my favourite eateries within the Hay Market Food court. I rate it highly for for value, taste and consistency given it's a food court!  I've been coming to Happy Chef since 2008 when I was working nearby at the time. My work colleagues and I would regularly come here and we always order the same dish.

I'd suggest ordering the rice noodle with wontons and king prawns. It will set you back $11 but you will be completely satisfied as you underestimate how filling the broth and noodles are. As you wait, prepare the small portions of chili (fresh chili and you'll have option of chili sauce if that is more to your liking) to add to your dish.

I came back here recently and the quality and consistency hasn't changed. I love it! It's perfect for a winter's day. It's perfect for a Food Court meal.

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