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Little Hutong, Little Bay

The locals are loving the new restaurant "Little Hutong" in Little Bay. Expect Asian Tapas at Little Hutong, share plates and a diversity of Asian cuisine. From Malaysian, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese; you'll get a wide array of choice.

Little Hutong's strengths lie in their Malaysian cuisine so I strongly suggest you order the Malaysian dishes. My favourite dish of the night was the entree of Roti Canai ($9.5, above) served with beef rendang. The bread is flakey and light, the beef is so flavoursome with a mild amount of spice. This is a must order dish. It's absolutely delicious!!!!

The Surfing Wasabi Tuna ($10 for 4 portions, below) had pieces of seared marinated tuna rolled in sesame seeds with a mild wasabi mayonnaise and julienne pickled vegetables on a rice cracker. The tuna was nice and flavoursome with the other components and textures. I wasn't a fan of the cracker with the tuna so I snacked on the crackers separately. 

I also shared the entree size of the Crispy Pork Belly (above $6) served with a mild sweet chili sauce. The crackling was quite crispy on the pieces in the middle and the pork was cooked well. 

For a touch of posh, I also ordered the Miso Mayonnaise Scallops ($16.5 for 3 pieces, below). I'd recommend this dish as I quite enjoyed the shitake mushroom, sesame seeds and bonito flake combination. The scallops were nicely seared to their full flavoursome potential. 

For the slightly adventurous palette, check out the Penang Cheh Hoo (above, $10). A hawker-style cold salad including fried bean curd, jicama, poached jellyfish. Nice and refreshing it would make a good complement if you chose heavy dishes for the rest of your meal. I understand that jellyfish might be an unusual ingredient for some but if you choose this dish you know what you’re in for so I would have preferred more jellyfish. 

The prawn assam ($14.5, below) is a great option for those who don't like chili. The sauce is a mild, tamarind sauce topped with spring onion. The sauce is tasty. I try some of the prawns in their shells but ultimately preferred to eat them without the shell.

There is also an amazing selection of teas, my favourite is the very fragrant dragon pearl jasmine tea ($5.5). The tea is grown locally in Sydney in Meadowbank and just really adds to the experience. This is a definite recommend.

The ice cream was a big highlight for me (two scoops for $8). To begin, we have the coconut and kaffir lime sorbet which is so perfectly created that you might forget it is a sorbet because you never encounter those tiny ice shards. The tang of the kaffir lime hits you first and resets your taste buds quickly followed by the sweet smoothness of coconut gliding from the tip of your tongue, to the back of your mouth, and down your throat. This process is repeated again and again, ecstasy in every mouthful. Following the uplifting coconut and kaffir lime sorbet the black sesame pulls you back to the ground with its earthy blackness. Much different to other black sesame ice creams (desserts, in general) in that the coarse texture of broken husks is not present, they are there but ground into submission. The flavour is raw, naked, and intense yet smooth like Michelle Pfeiffer’s latex cat suit. To the true connoisseur of dessert, once you go black sesame you never go back.  The ice cream and the tea was the perfect way to finish the meal. Do not leave without the ice cream!!!

Overall, I had a nice experience. The decore is beautiful and up-market so it's a great environment for a hot date. It's a new restaurant so all the other comments on Zomato about the service are slowly being worked out. I'd definitely suggest providing feedback direct to the owners if you have any. New restaurants always need some teething time.

Order the Malaysian based dishes! Check it out folks.

Prices: $30ish per person

Location: Shop 4, 2-8 Pine Avenue, Little Bay, Sydney 

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