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Ramen-Kan, Hay Market, Chinatown

What a Bento Box @ Ramen Kan in Chinatown.

Ramen- Kan in Hay Market is one of my favourite lunch time eateries.  
I have been lunching at Ramen-Kan for years. 

You enter usually via a really dirty lift or take the dirty stairs. It's not open on Mondays so you'll see the stairwell and the lift usually blocked and locked on Mondays. 

As you enter, it's decked out with lots of wooden brown tables. 

These days, you can order by touch screen which I quite like.

I always recommend the bento boxes. At the top, you can see the Wagyu Bento Box ($13.90) with salad, tofu, spring roll and crumbed potato. This also comes with rice and miso soup. Bento boxes are great because you get a lot of variety. 

For sashimi lovers, you can also have this bento box with sashimi instead of the tofu at the same price. The sashimi is not bad. Ramen-Kan is not known for its sashimi though. All the other trimmings of salad, crumbed potato, spring rolls are solid. The wagyu is well marinated and full of flavour and well recommended. 

There is also complimentary roasted barley tea which is self serviced. I'm not a massive fan of the bitterness of the barley tea but it's a good way to cleanse the palette. I also love Takeru for a casual Japanese meal on Sussex St and I do enjoy their bento boxes as well. 

Prices: $15ish for lunch
Location: 90 Haymarket St, Haymarket
Opening Hours:  11:30am to 3pm for lunch then 5:30pm to 10pm for dinner. Closed on Monday

Summary: Lisa's Rating: 

Food: 8/10 for Casual Dining
Customer Service: 7/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Value: 7/10

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