Kamis, 10 September 2015

Hardware Societe, Melbourne

Another trip to Melbourne calls for another visit to the Hardware Societe. A hearty breakfast or brunch options are abundant if you can get there early enough or if you are willing to wait. I waited a good 30 minutes for a table for 3 on this occasion.  There's a giant rooster to keep you amused while you wait.

The decore is feminine with pictures of butterflies on the wall and pretty lights everywhere. We are seated on a long table and share with others but I don't mind.

Our drinks arrive with a small donut ball which is a small treat. It's so busy and we are terribly hungry. As the people next to us get served, I get massive food envy. My friend is first to be served and she has ordered the The Confit Duck. This looked like a dinner dish ($22, below) was accompanied with a small pie sitting on mash and a walnut salad on top. The dish was very hearty and warm and perfect for a brunch meal.

The Salmon on a bed of avocado came with a small pan of scrabbled eggs at $22, above. Classic combinations of salmon and avo are perfect for breakfast and make quite a generous meal when you add the scrabbled eggs on the side.

The Herb Roasted Mushrooms with fried egg on Walnut bread, $20, below was a nice vegetarian breakfast but more importantly, those buttery cooked mushrooms were amazing. It was filling and warm which is what you need when you are having breakfast in Melbourne.

Prices: $30 per person
Location: 120 Hardware St, Melbourne CBD (in an alleyway)

Summary: Lisa's Rating: Food: 10/10 for casual dining Customer Service: 6/10 (You must be patient)Atmosphere: 7/10Value: 7/10

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