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Izba Russian Treats, Newtown, Enmore (NOW CLOSED)

Izba Russian treats will delight your senses.
Izba Russian Treats is a cafe based in Enmore with very unique treats for you. The highlights are the vodka infused cakes. There are also savoury foods for those who don't have a sweet tooth.

The stuffed blini with sweet cottage cheese ($12, above) is a savoury and slightly sweet breakfast. Blini are Russian pancakes and you have a few choices but I chose my blini filled with sweet cottage cheese and sultanas. It's also served with sour cream and home made cranberry jam. The pancakes are thin and bubbly in texture so it's very light.

For a lighter snack, you may opt to try the Piroshki ($5, below). It's described as a Russian Pie but the bread is not pastry like - it's closer to sweet bread like the kind you get at Bread Top. You have the choice of fillings such as beef and caramelised onion, cabbage, egg challot or potato and onion. 

Below is the beef and onion piroshki, team this up with a cup of tea and you've got a lovely savoury treat. 

The potato Piroshki (above, $5) is my favourite so it's a carb favourite. Potato and sweet bread!

For sugar fans, you are in for a treat. Izba Russian Treats has a number of vodka infused cakes.
This is what makes Izba so unique! My favourite cake is the Russian Revolution ($10 below, each) which is a cherry topped and cherry flavoured vodka cake. The mousse layers with the biscuit base is delicious. I love all the sweet cherry flavours with the mousse textures.

I have been told their signature cake is the honey layered cake ($10, above). What an intricate layered cake! It's got a nice subtle honey taste infused with sour cream, through each layer. I'd definitely recommend this cake as well. The Bird's Milk (below, $10) is described as "feathery dulce lece flavoured mousse on a succulent sponge base coated in milk chocolate". It's beautifully presented and caters to chocolate lovers.

For a strong vodka taste, try the white Russian (above, $10). It had a very strong hit of Vodka. A few different layers of jelly, mousse and vodka. This would be good for vodka lovers but I would suggest you stick to the cakes for more flavour and texture variation.

Overall, I quite enjoyed my time at Izba Russian Treats. I think a lot of the food and cakes may seem quite foreign to some but it's worthwhile trying. The cosy cafe is worthwhile visiting.

P.S: I loved their rose earl grey tea.

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Weekendfoodescapes dined as a guest of Izba Russian Treats. Thanks to Olga for showing us around.
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