Minggu, 06 September 2015

Phuong, Haymarket

Old Phuong caught my attention with this sign so I paid Phuong a visit in Chinatown, Sydney.

I am on the hunt for the ultimate Vietnamese Chicken or Pork roll in Chinatown.  When I saw the sign, I thought I would give Phuong a go and see if this produces a cheap and cheerful but super tasty roll.

Phuong was a hole in the wall which is attached to the edge of the eating world food court. It is a bit dingy intended to only get take away rolls. Rolls will vary from $4.50 to $5. I could tell the staff were Vietnamese.

While there is a very generous portion of chicken ($5, below) which is heavily seasoned with pepper, it fails to capture my tastebuds for a Vietnamese roll. There was something unbalanced about the flavours of what should be butter and patte spread on the bread with the spring onion, coriander, chicken, lettuce, chili and soy.

Phuong provides reasonably priced sandwiches.  It's not bad for just a chicken sandwich but if you are on the hunt for a traditional flavoursome Vietnamese roll then perhaps give this one a miss.

One of my close friends is named Phuong which is why the sign caught my attention!

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