Senin, 05 Oktober 2015

Basak, Strathfield

Basak in Strathfield specialises in Korean street snack food eatery. Cheap and Cheerful Snacks for those who want a smaller meal.
Basak is a tiny restaurant in Strathfield with a small menu of Korean street food. I love having meals where you can try lots of different things.

They have what I describe as Korean sushi called Kimbap. I ordered the Basak Kimbap ($5, above photo) which had seaweed wrapped rice, tofu, radish, carrot and cucumber. The textures were very similar to sushi but I could see the Korean flavours coming through. Korean flavours are bold and less subtle than Japanese flavours. It was a nice dish.

A very traditional Korean dish is the spicy rice noodle called Dukboki. A big warning sign for chili lovers, I ordered the one chili spicy sign of the spicy rice noodle ($8, below) and I really struggled with the level of heat. For those with a limited chili palette, I suggest mild. It was so SPICY! You can self service in terms of topping up the spring onion and fried tempura flakes.

I also ordered some fried seaweed noodle rolls ($2 for 3, below). It provided a bit of crunch and I've had a similar in Japanese restaurants. Overall, I found Basak to be a cheap and cheerful hole in the wall in Strathfield.  I really liked all the snacks I purchased; the kimbap was actually quite filling in the end and I shared all these snacks with a gal pal.

Prices: $2-$8 per snack

Location: 10A the Boulevard, Strathfield. Not far from the station

Summary: Lisa's Rating: 
Food: 7/10 for cheap and cheerful eatery
Customer Service: 7/10 
Atmosphere: 6/10
Value: 9/10 

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