Senin, 19 Oktober 2015

Glass Brasserie, Sydney CBD

I had the pleasure of going to the Breakfast Buffet at Glass Brasserie. If you are a Breakfast buff, for $42, you can enjoy the Full Australian Buffet. I've never seen fresh honeycomb at a breakfast buffet before so I was pleasantly surprised by that. It was the first thing that got my attention.

There is a nice juice bar with your choice of colourful and delicious juices. I like the stand of mixed juices (below). I thought it was a small dose of fun. Now let's have a closer look at what's on the menu for the Full Australian Buffet.

There are hot dishes on the buffet which seem to be the most popular, such as streaky bacon (above), grilled sausages, crispy hash browns, sautéed mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, and Brioche French toast.  While it's a buffet, all the food is regularly replenished to ensure freshness and quality. There is no room for old dried food. 

I put together a few random dishes on my first plate to enjoy (below). All the elements were mushroom, french toast, sausages, bacon and beans were a little plate of perfection. 

My second plate, I also visited the savoury section where there was smoked salmon, cheese and cured meats. There's also a choice of freshly cooked eggs, where I had a bit of scrambled eggs. A mini bakery also exists with an variety of fresh bread, house baked muffins, donuts, pastries (below) and jams. This is also where the fresh honey comb sits.  They are bakery quality goods so you can be ready.

I skipped the cereal and gourmet muesli section. I stopped by the gourmet flavoured yoghurts which was quite nice.

Overall, I had a really nice breakfast at Glass Brasserie. For local Sydney Siders; $42 might be a bit steep for breakfast though.

Prices: $42 per person, excludes coffee

Location: Level 2, Hilton Hotel, 488 George St, Sydney

Summary: Lisa's Rating: 
Food: 8/10 for posh buffet breakfast
Customer Service: 8/10
Atmosphere: 8/10

Value: 6/10

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