Jumat, 23 Oktober 2015

Viet Hoa Hot Bread, Cabramatta

Viet Hoa has been around for a few decades. Business must be solid to survive!
Viet Hoa is part of Cabramatta's DNA. I remember seeing this shop when I was a tiny child. Now being a few decades older, I still have fond memories of all the little bakery treats, specifically the pandan green cake.  Viet Hoa is also open 24/7 which is convenient for you.

I decide to order a Vietnamese chicken roll ($4) for old times' sake and my partner orders a traditional pork roll ($3.5). My Vietnamese roll has chicken, carrot, coriander with butter and a patte spread. It's consistent - not the best in Cabramatta but still a good chicken roll.

My partner concurs and agrees it's a nice roll but not the best he's had. Regardless, I enjoyed it and it sure beats the Vietnamese rolls outside of Cabramatta. I prefer the rolls at Kim Thanh which is across from the station in Cabramatta.

Prices: $3.5 to $4 for pork or chicken rolls

Location: 48 Hill St, Cabramatta

Summary: Lisa's Rating: 
Food: 7/10 for Casual Eateries 
Customer Service: 6/10
Atmosphere: 0/10 (It's not a eat in restaurant)
Value: 8/10

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